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Hello my dears,


I can't believe that I made my last update before a month. Wow!

But I think, that you understand, that I don't want to sit in front of the computer in these summer month


One week ago, Ramadan has begun. We Muslim people, go on fast in this month, that means they don't eat ad drink from sunrise to sunset. And in sommer this is a really long time, but it is standable





1x Aamir Khan [Charisma]

3x Priyanka Chopra [Piggy Chops]

3x Sonam Kapoor [Sweet]



1x Priyanka [LOL]





Your Usra

PS.: Remember, the newest stuff is allways at the end

19.8.10 18:11


Hello!! Welcome in my Wonder-World.
Here you can find my Creations, mostly I make Bollywood-Stuff, but also Turkish and Hollywood.

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