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Wonder-World is back



Hello everybody,

as you can see, my site is finally back from hiatus. I hope that I will have now more time for my page.

I have designed a new layout. I realised too late that the header is too big, but I did't want to change or make a new one because I just love the pictures I used in it.



1x Bipasha-Icon [Light]

2x Genelia-Icons [Laughing]

5x Aish-Icons [Model-Like]


1x Aamir-Walli [Red]

1x Priyanka-Walli [Blue Dress]

1x K3H-Walli [Endless Love]


1x Ian Somerhalder-Walli [Beach Boy]


Your Usra

21.4.10 21:48

On Hiatus



Hello everyone!

 I'm really sorry, but I couldn't come earlier.

There won't be any updates for ca: one more month. I must do a lot for school, I hope you understand.

I won't close the site while the break, so you can see the old creations.



23.3.10 16:38

Vampire Diaries

Hello my Dears!

Has anyone of you watched Vampire Diaries? I did. And I love it. It is similar to the Twilight Saga (hey that Stefan is looking like Edward, but Robert is much more handsome ). Damon is the evil, but I like him. What do you think?





15x Vampire Diaries [The New Vampires]

4x Katrina Kaif [Smile]

2x Vivek Oberoi [Romantic]



1x Priyanka Chopra [Think]


New Affi


Your Usra

3.3.10 20:00

New Layout / Searching for Sisters and Affis



Hello everybody!


 Today I finally made my new layout. I hope you like it.

I decided to delete the Sisters and Affiliates, who don't updated for month. That's why I'm searching for two new sisters.

Do you like my site and my button will be visible on the Home site of your HP. Then don't hesitate to ask.

Your Usra

24.2.10 18:45





I'm thinking and thinking, but there is nothing interesting that I could tell you.





10x Saawariya [Sweet]



Your Usra

23.2.10 19:02

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Hello!! Welcome in my Wonder-World.
Here you can find my Creations, mostly I make Bollywood-Stuff, but also Turkish and Hollywood.


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